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How To Deadlift... The classic Deadlift is arguably one of the best exercises in the history of the gym, for building overall body strength, burning plenty of calories and improving posture. The move challenges the core muscles as well as the bigger muscle groups. Research has shown that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ deadlift and the exercise should be adapted depending on your height, arm length and leg length. The conventional deadlift is best for short guys, and if you are shorter than 5‘6“ you should stick to the classic barbell deadlift. The hex bar deadlift is better for those over... Read more

Nailing Contest Prep - 6 Great Tips... Prepping for contest is not always plain sailing, and as many start their countdown to comp dates in October and November, remember...💪 Focus on you and avoid measuring yourself against competition💪 Stick to a few trusted sources💪 Practice posing and let the mirror be your ultimate judge💪 Share your journey on social media, and we’ll share it too!💪 Listen to your body💪 Trust the process and your strategy to the very end Read more

How To Get Shredded for Showtime! Ambassador Anthony Larson prepares for a bodybuilding competition and is only 5 weeks out! So with the contest only around the corner, for anyone competing in the coming weeks, you have some serious decisions to make in order to be in the best shape of your life.💪 Know your foods inside-out. Keep track, clamp down on your diet, control what you’re eating, know your food. There’s absolutely no margin for error.💪 Maximise training without the risk of injury. Stick to what you know, don't start experimenting, perfect the pose and perform them during training.💪 Supplements are popular at this level... Read more

What Is The Best Way To Build Muscle Fast? Hitting the gym to lift weights can be a fun hobby, but you need definite goals to get leaner, bigger, and ultimately stronger. Think about your workout plan, and understand what’s needed to build bigger muscles. It’s not just about lots of sets and lots of reps.But what is the best way to build your muscles? For years it has been debated within muscle-building communities, but the message is clear whilst the number of reps will significantly increase size, the amount of weight we lift has a huge bearing on how large we eventually become.If you’re a beginner, you could... Read more

Here is our ambassador Lilly Curtis really showing us how it’s done in the gym, working on her abs and strengthening her core.

Steroids in sports: bodybuilding The first in our series of articles on the use of steroids in sports will focus on the world of bodybuilding. The sporting universe is dominated by bodybuilding, American football and professional wrestling, all with their herculean-like competitors. But the use of steroids has grown, with more and more athletes striving to become bigger and better than their competitors. If we take a simple look at the encyclopaedia entry for steroids we see this: "Steroids are important chemical compounds and they play a key role in bodily processes. They are produced naturally in animals as well as articfially in labs. Each steroid... Read more