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Craig Wright - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador Craig Wright is a 38-year-old bodybuilder who cleaned up his diet and turned up the dial on his training after being inspired by the fast progress a friend made.<h2>In his own words</h2>I've always trained, but an old school friend of mine (female), with no history of training, suddenly became a competing body builder within a couple of years. I had a chat with her and asked how she'd done so much so quick and she said it’s all down to diet.So I cleaned that up, turned up the dial on the training side and went from there. I'm 38 now,... Read more

Anthony Larson - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador Anthony Larson, from Barnstaple in North Devon, is a 45-year-old accountant and keen sportsman. He's recently competed at the UKBFF Welsh Championships where he was placed 3rd in the under-178cm Classic Bodybuilding category. In his own words I live in Barnstaple North Devon, my occupation is an Accountant and I am 45 years young. I have always been a keen sportsman and have played football at a fairly high standard. Bodybuilding has been part of my life since I was 16 years old and I first competed in 1992. After an absence of 23 years, I returned to competition in 2015... Read more

Brandon ’The Don’ Daord - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador BiographyInsta - brandon_daord New Pro Boxer Brandon Daord, aged 19 from Liverpool, had a glittering stint as an amateur boxer as 8 time ABA National Champion and picked up a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Youth Games. The Everton Red Triangle Boxer trains alongside Jazza Dickens, Kevin Satchel, Steven Lewis, Ryan Farrag and Johnny Quigley. Tipped to have a big future in the pro game within his division, having made a successful start to his professional career in June winning all four rounds against experienced Russian Sergey Tasimov, at the Preston Guildhall. He outclassed his opponent who has had over 70... Read more

Connor Laing - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador Connor started training for fun at the age of 18 to become less skinny. Now, fitness is a big part of his life and he now juggles his gym time with a full-time job - but still manages to grow and improve. In his own words For me, eating often is a must! My metabolism is always through the roof and if I don't keep my body fuelled I soon get run down and start to lose mass! A great way to start the day is by having a good portion of porridge. I add a level scoop of chocolate... Read more

Scott Burns talks us through his meal prep & training regime Our brand ambassador Scott Burns has taken some time out to fill us in on the secrets to his success, and a lot of it comes down to careful meal preparation and planning. Here's a look at his weekly diet plan that you can also use yourself, whether it be for shredding, bulking, or a general diet plan that you follow. Meal plan - 2500 calories Meal 1 100g oats 390cal 50g blueberries 30cal 1 scoop protein powder 110cal Meal 2 90g wholewheat pasta 135cal 100g mixed veg 50cal 100g chicken 240cal Meal 3 4 slice bread 280cal 25g natural... Read more

Lee Tatton - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador Lee Tatton began his fitness journey after literally taking a long hard look in the mirror and realising he didn’t like what he saw. He moved abroad and started a 5-day a week fitness regime to get the body he’s always wanted, and he’s still working hard at it to this day. In His Own Words My journey into fitness began after taking a long hard look in the mirror (literally) and being unhappy with what I saw. I was in my early 20's, a bit chubby, no real muscle mass and not much definition. I moved to Spain and... Read more

Sophie Major - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador BiographyInsta - sophmajx Sophie Major is a 22-year-old Law student studying in Manchester. Originally from Shropshire, she's one of the latest members of the #BodySquad! In Her Own Words During school I was always very keen on sports and as I got older I did less and less so I fancied trying out the gym as an alternative. After seeing results I became a bit addicted!! It can be challenging when you really need to push yourself but it's such a fun way to stay healthy and active. I generally try to work out 4-5 times a week. I split... Read more

Ben ‘Untouchable Ginger’ Jones - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador One of our very first social brand ambassadors, Ben ‘Untouchable Ginger’ Jones hails from a small country town in Staffordshire called Stafford and originally started training so he could live a healthier lifestyle and be a ‘better’ role model for his young daughter. He got hit by the fitness bug and now it’s turned into a lifestyle. In his own words I really struggled to gain weight all my life, but once I started training and eating ‘little more often’ I have amassed 3 stone in 2 years.  I started by looking on YouTube for meal plans and it went from... Read more

Alice Abbott – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador Alice Anne Abbott is one of our first brand ambassadors and hails from Lincolnshire. She trains hard six days a week whilst following a correct diet plan – allowing herself one day off to eat what she likes a week! She says her motivation for training hard is that you only get given one body and therefore you should look after it and show others your full potential. In her own words For my typical workout routine, I firstly would start stretching for 5-10 minutes followed with 2 light sets to warm up on the leg raise machine. Afterwards I... Read more

Kyle Daniel – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador 23 year-old Kyle Daniel from Kingston upon Hull is one of our first brand ambassadors. Hugely passionate about sports growing up, he started out playing football, rugby and basketball. However he had most success competing in track and field events such as triple jump and the 100m sprint. In his own words I was inspired to start training when I saw a mate who had put on a decent amount of muscle over the past months and I was really impressed. I had always been fit and healthy but lacked any real mass, I always thought I was one of those... Read more

Jess Lee – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador Seventeen year old Jess Lee from Hull is a sports and gym lover who fits figure skating, hockey, rugby, athletics and even cheerleading in between her days at college. In her own words I train most days between college and training, where I study maths physics and economics at college in my final year of my A levels. I LOVE training (emphasis on the love part!) it’s like my second home. I started training about two years ago but had some issue with food, I used to go to the gym three times a day doing cardio until my step mum started bodybuilding about a... Read more

Andy Bowen – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador Andy Bowen is a 22 year old bodybuilder from Bristol. He started working out when he was around 16, but got into it seriously when he was 20. For Andy, fitness is more than just lifting weights, it’s a way to get away from everything else where he can focus on just himself for a small portion of each day in the gym. In his own words… My typical workout routines vary massively depending on whether I’m bulking or cutting, and this changes rapidly as I use a method called ‘Cyclical Bulking’, check this out, it’s a great way of... Read more

Tayler Norris – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassadors Tayler Norris is a group exercise instructor living and working in Edinburgh. She runs her own fitness business called ‘Tayler-Made Fitness’, going around gyms in the city and running classes. The formats she runs include Insanity, PiYo and Bodybump, whilst in the summer Tayler also runs outdoors and indoor bootcamps. In her own words… I love to train and I am a self-confessed gym junkie! About a year ago after going through phases in and out the gym and struggling with consistency, I got myself properly into a routine with weight lifting. It has now become a passion of mine... Read more

Max Gaskell – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador Max Gaskell from Cheshire started lifting to improve his physique for his then job – a fireman! Now working in Swindon as an engineer for the Great Western Railway, Max’s always looking to improve himself. More about Max: For my typical workout routine I like to keep it simple! My deadlifts, squats and presses are the foundation of all these workouts and are the exercises I monitor and track. Accessory exercises I include to accentuate certain parts of a muscle group during a training phase or programme. I’d recommend keeping everything as simple as possible as its much easier to... Read more

Daniela Carvalho – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador Daniela grew up in Portugal and moved to London when she was 19. She has competed numerous times, including coming fourth in last year’s WBFF. In her own words… I grew up in Portugal and moved to London when I was 19. I have been into fitness ever since I first visited Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and I was inspired by all the incredible bodies I saw. I was always a very skinny young girl and I struggled a lot to gain weight, so being surrounded by a lot of fit people really opened my eyes to what was possible... Read more