Your wrists are constantly on the go in the gym. You'll be using them for every type of upper body strengthening exercise, so keeping them injury free is key to helping you to achieve your exercise goals.

For all your gym work choose our bodybuilding wrist wraps, providing wrist support and protecting your hands and wrists. Whenever you are lifting slightly heavy weights you should consider using straps for weightlifting, to protect your wrists, hands and increase your lifting amount. For bench press and other types of bench work, protect yourself using our bench press wrist support, keeping you fit and strong for everyday workout sessions.

An ideal wrist support for gym is the gym wrist straps, also referred to as weightlifting wrist straps. They are perfect for maintaining wrist strength, helping you to avoid avoid strains, sprains, tendon damage and help maintain good hand and wrist strength.

We also have support wristbands to help protect you during your workout. These wrist supports will help keep your wrists strong during all forms of lifting and wrist bearing exercises.

Maintaining a strong and healthy back is key during all workout sessions. We suggest always using a lifting belt. Our back belt support is a quick release velcro lifting belt, it is ergonomically designed to provide the best back support possible. It is easy to clean and comes in four sizes making it an ideal choice for all shapes, sizes and ages, providing you with great back protection while lifting.