Connor Laing - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador

Connor Laing - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador
Connor started training for fun at the age of 18 to become less skinny. Now, fitness is a big part of his life and he now juggles his gym time with a full-time job - but still manages to grow and improve.

In his own words

For me, eating often is a must! My metabolism is always through the roof and if I don't keep my body fuelled I soon get run down and start to lose mass! A great way to start the day is by having a good portion of porridge. I add a level scoop of chocolate protein powder to the mix to give it a tastier flavour and to boost my protein intake. It's perfect to give you the kick start to the day and I have mine at about 7am. It usually lasts me till about 10am when I will have a protein shake and a small snack. Either nuts or protein bar etc. When I train for mass and strength, as I currently am, I tend to go as heavy as I can manage and do 6/8 reps. Usually 8! I always make an effort to lift weights I am not comfortable with. connor Try this: Whatever muscle it is, start your sets with the second to last or last weight you finished your set with the last time you trained. For example, your finishing set on flat bench chest press was 42kg the last time you trained. Why don't you start with that weight this time and try to go up? If you managed that 42kg press last time and it was at the end of your sets, you can lift heavier! Always test yourself! Follow Connor on Instagram here.

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