Andy Bowen – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador

Andy Bowen – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador
Andy Bowen is a 22 year old bodybuilder from Bristol. He started working out when he was around 16, but got into it seriously when he was 20. For Andy, fitness is more than just lifting weights, it’s a way to get away from everything else where he can focus on just himself for a small portion of each day in the gym.

In his own words…

My typical workout routines vary massively depending on whether I’m bulking or cutting, and this changes rapidly as I use a method called ‘Cyclical Bulking’, check this out, it’s a great way of gaining die while still remaining lean.

The main differences between my bulking and cutting workouts are volume and intensity; while bulking I tend to use a rep range of around 8-12 and have more relaxed rest periods to allow myself to regain energy between sets.

When cutting however, my rep range is usually around 15-20, anywhere up to 50 in some cases, and I have much stricter rest periods of between 30-45 seconds to keep my heart rate up and blood pumping!

I pride myself on being a natural bodybuilder, I believe there should be more incentive for athletes to stay natural instead of instantly jumping on any performance enhancement, however with the industry the way it is right now, too many people are too easily influenced!

So for me I only use the pretty common supplements I’m sure you’ve all heard of: Whey, Casein, Creatine, BCAA’s, PWO and a few others including vitamins etc.

Sometimes I believe people try to over complicate lifting for no reason at all by adding in unnecessary equipment, however there are a few pieces of equipment I find very useful!

I use lifting straps while I’m bulking, and lifting reasonably heavy, to prevent my grip from giving out before the working muscle; the Elite Body Squad straps I have are the best I’ve used as they’re made from quality material and are very strong!

I also like to use resistance bands to help work different strength curves during various different exercises.

For the future I plan to continue working in the industry, modelling, motivating and hopefully assisting anyone else who wants to learn about gym or nutrition, everyone starts somewhere!

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