Lee Tatton - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador

Lee Tatton - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador
Lee Tatton began his fitness journey after literally taking a long hard look in the mirror and realising he didn’t like what he saw. He moved abroad and started a 5-day a week fitness regime to get the body he’s always wanted, and he’s still working hard at it to this day.

In His Own Words

My journey into fitness began after taking a long hard look in the mirror (literally) and being unhappy with what I saw. I was in my early 20's, a bit chubby, no real muscle mass and not much definition. I moved to Spain and began training 5 times a week - I put everything into it and was determined to build the body I had always wanted. Since then, I lived in several countries around the world where I continued my fitness journey. I went from around 65/70kg - 95kg over several years.

Top Fitness Tips

1.) Never miss Mondays, it sets the tone for the week. 2.) Fail to plan, plan to fail - plan your week ahead, what you will do each day, what exercises, how many sets etc. 3.) Record your sessions - If you're new to training, take a couple of weeks to get accustomed to training and then start recording each day what you did, weight you lifted etc. so that you can plan your next sessions and look to improve. 4.) Start with weights - even if you feel you need to lose some weight first, do strength training with free weights and machines (start on machines if you are shy) lifting weights will add muscle (and confidence) as well as burning fat, incorporate both into your fitness sessions for better results. 5.) Get a gym buddy - It doesn't matter if you are both new, you're new and they're not, you're experienced and they're new - whatever the way it's a winning combination, working out with someone pushes you to go, to do more sets, more reps and to grow together. If, however, they are more interested in chatting then training then give them a wide berth. Follow Lee on Instagram here.

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