Jess Lee – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador

Jess Lee – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador
Seventeen year old Jess Lee from Hull is a sports and gym lover who fits figure skating, hockey, rugby, athletics and even cheerleading in between her days at college.

In her own words

I train most days between college and training, where I study maths physics and economics at college in my final year of my A levels. I LOVE training (emphasis on the love part!) it’s like my second home. I started training about two years ago but had some issue with food, I used to go to the gym three times a day doing cardio until my step mum started bodybuilding about a year ago which changed the whole game for me. I started eating more and not just doing cardio but weights… I wish i had started earlier.   It feels amazing to walk into the gym and lift some heavy-ass weights and I don’t feel intimated by being one of few females who train in the weights area. It gives me a sense of power. My favourite exercise would have to be the Bulgarian squat as its so good for your glutes. I’m currently bulking for a competition this year around September which i’m so excited for as well as working at BodyPower Expo this year, that’ll be awesome (hopefully will get to meet Steve Cook!!)   I don’t take that many supplements because i’d like to be as natural as possible but sometimes its hard to get the calories in. I have a protein shake everyday (gold standard whey optimum nutrition) and sometimes i’ll take Creatine and BCAA’s before a during my work out.   I’ve never really used lifting equipment in the gym before before apart from deadlifting straps but since Elite Body Squad sent me a load of equipment I use quite a lot – especially the new gym bag! The wrist straps are also really useful as I have quite weak wrists and they’re the best thing I’ve ever used to help me in the gym if I’m honest. My fitness goals for the future would be to be in the same position as someone like Paige Hathaway. I have lots of friends that ask for advice and I love to help others out in the gym but i’d love to be someone that people look to on Instagram for inspiration as well as provide people with advice and diets plans to help them get fit. I’d also like to enter a few more bodybuilding competitions and possibly go to UKBFF or Olympia.   Follow Jess on Instagram here. 

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