Max Gaskell – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador

Max Gaskell – Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador
Max Gaskell from Cheshire started lifting to improve his physique for his then job – a fireman! Now working in Swindon as an engineer for the Great Western Railway, Max’s always looking to improve himself.

More about Max:

For my typical workout routine I like to keep it simple! My deadlifts, squats and presses are the foundation of all these workouts and are the exercises I monitor and track. Accessory exercises I include to accentuate certain parts of a muscle group during a training phase or programme. I’d recommend keeping everything as simple as possible as its much easier to track and not lose track of anything! Protein and creatine are a staple to anyone who’s looking to gain muscle. Multi-vitamins and Omega 3 would be a good choice too.  Diet wise I use a macronutrient based diet and track it in MyFitnesspPal, pretty standard but proven and works! Max Gaskell Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador During training I’ve always got heavy wrist wraps, a chained belt for weighted dips/pull ups, and a weight belt for when i’m progressively overloading! I would not train without them in my bag! My fitness goals aren’t to compete in competitions. I want to show every-day people who have jobs that training and dieting can be done by anyone whether you have kids or work long hours given the right commitment and effort you can get results using minimal time as long as your technique and effort are on point! Follow Max on Instagram here  

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