Ben ‘Untouchable Ginger’ Jones - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador

Ben ‘Untouchable Ginger’ Jones - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador
One of our very first social brand ambassadors, Ben ‘Untouchable Ginger’ Jones hails from a small country town in Staffordshire called Stafford and originally started training so he could live a healthier lifestyle and be a ‘better’ role model for his young daughter. He got hit by the fitness bug and now it’s turned into a lifestyle.

In his own words

I really struggled to gain weight all my life, but once I started training and eating ‘little more often’ I have amassed 3 stone in 2 years.  I started by looking on YouTube for meal plans and it went from there. I eat 7 meals a day, usually low fat but high protein.  I also supplement my diet with 2-3 protein shakes, 4 servings of amino acids, creatine before and after my workout and d-aspartic acid once daily.  I never use any pre-workout as it has no affect on me and I’m naturally ‘ready’ for the gym. I train 5-6 days per week for 1.5-2 hours, usually at 530am after working a 12 hour night shift.  I train specific muscle groups on individual days, my favourite being my back!! I haven’t entered any competitions yet but I am looking to get on stage in 2017. untouchable ginger A piece of equipment I couldn’t do without is my dip belt! You guys have supplied a quality item and I’m already making progress.  I’m starting to do heavier dead lifts now too thanks to the lifting straps.  And the wrist straps are helping me curl more on my biceps, as I used to get wrist pain before! My goal is to get up to 15 stone and lean.  It’ll take time but I’ve already made huge steps towards it! Follow the ‘Untouchable Ginger’ on Instagram

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