Scott Burns talks us through his meal prep & training regime

Scott Burns talks us through his meal prep & training regime
Our brand ambassador Scott Burns has taken some time out to fill us in on the secrets to his success, and a lot of it comes down to careful meal preparation and planning.
Here's a look at his weekly diet plan that you can also use yourself, whether it be for shredding, bulking, or a general diet plan that you follow.

Meal plan - 2500 calories

Meal 1
100g oats 390cal 50g blueberries 30cal 1 scoop protein powder 110cal
Meal 2 90g wholewheat pasta 135cal 100g mixed veg 50cal 100g chicken 240cal
Meal 3
4 slice bread 280cal 25g natural crunchy peanut butter 140cal 80g chicken 195cal
Meal 4 (pre)
150g wholewheat pasta 226cal 100g mixed veg 50cal 100g chicken 240cal
Meal 5 (post)
250g sweet potato 215cal 1 scoop protein 120cal
Meal 6
200g cottage cheese 140cal 6 cracker breads 20g almonds Of course, you can switch this us as required, increasing or decreasing calorie count!
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Training Plan

Scott's training plan consists of a 5 day split with one rest day. He alters the rep range when he wants to cut and bulk: - shoulders - back - chest - legs - arms Scott puts a rest day in between wherever he feels as though he would benefit from one and also does cardio at the end of every other session, (LISS) for about 15 minutes.

Do’s and don’ts while training at the gym. Whether it be putting the weights back or training technique

Do's - push yourself to the limit, don't worry about 'over-training', do it for yourself, stay hydrated, aim to have an even better and harder session than yesterday! And finally, motivate others Dont's - sit around talking on equipment, mess about with weights you're there to train, leave weights scattered, and never cut your session short because you 'aren't feeling it'

Favourite food?

Scott's favourite food when bulking/cutting is simply chicken with peri peri flavouring and sweet potato. His cheat meal would have to be a pizza or burgers - the dirtier the food the better!

Favourite exercise?

His favourite exercise would be the deadlift as he feels it's a real challenge - Scott loves lifting heavy! He also enjoys all three of the major compound exercises, including the squat and bench press. Follow Scott on Instagram here.

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