Sophie Major - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador

Sophie Major - Elite Body Squad Brand Ambassador

Insta - sophmajx

Sophie Major is a 22-year-old Law student studying in Manchester. Originally from Shropshire, she's one of the latest members of the #BodySquad!

In Her Own Words

During school I was always very keen on sports and as I got older I did less and less so I fancied trying out the gym as an alternative.
After seeing results I became a bit addicted!!
It can be challenging when you really need to push yourself but it's such a fun way to stay healthy and active.
I generally try to work out 4-5 times a week. I split my routine in to different body parts so something like: back, upper body, core, legs. At the moment i'm focusing on gaining strength so low reps and higher weight.
The only supplement I currently use is ON Gold Standard whey protein straight after a workout, sometimes before bed or first thing in a morning.
When i'm lifting heavy I like to use Elite Body Squad gloves to protect my hands or lifting straps for extra grip. If I cant make it to the gym i'll fit in a quick workout at home using the Elite Body Squad exercise matt, exercise ball and ab roller.

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