How To Deadlift...

How To Deadlift...

The classic Deadlift is arguably one of the best exercises in the history of the gym, for building overall body strength, burning plenty of calories and improving posture.

The move challenges the core muscles as well as the bigger muscle groups.

Research has shown that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ deadlift and the exercise should be adapted depending on your height, arm length and leg length.

The conventional deadlift is best for short guys, and if you are shorter than 5‘6“ you should stick to the classic barbell deadlift.

The hex bar deadlift is better for those over 6‘2“ and especially if you’re looking for an extra challenge. You need a hex bar to do it, but it allows you to keep your arms at your sides, so the weight is no longer out in front of you - which you would find with the traditional barbell.

The sumo lift is ideal if your arms are longer than your legs. This deadlift lets you take advantage of your long arms. You won’t need to bend your knees as much to reach the bar, and it will be much easier keeping your chest up.

If you have longer legs than arms, it can be hard work struggling to bend to get in the proper deadlift position - the rack pull will alleviate this, and makes the common deadlift much easier for people with long legs.

A great idea is to use lifting straps when you deadlift as these reduce the issue of poor grip strength, therefore allowing you to lift more weight.

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