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5 Little Known Tips For A Tighter Booty! Gluteal (booty) training is probably one of the most fashionable body parts to train in the gym right now, and I don’t think it’s going away any time soon! Here are a few of my top tips:🍑 Try different stances in your squats - narrow, straight and particularly sumo!🍑 Make sure your training is progressive. You should notice that you’re getting stronger and training for longer. Your muscles will adapt to your sessions and yet you will hinder the results if you don’t keep working hard and moving the goalpost.🍑 Do not waste time with air kicks and non-weighted exercises.... Read more

10 Little Known FAT Loss Tips That Will Blow Your Mind... While building muscle it's possible to gain more weight without adding fat. Check out Elite ambassador Chloe Barrigan and her top 10 tips: Don't:❌ Reduce calories excessively❌ Cut out foods you enjoy❌ Be restrictive and then binge❌ Replace meals with shakes❌ Drink skinny tea's or juice diets Do:✅ Track calories✅ Eat a variety of different foods✅ Allow some treats ✅ Eat protein with most meals✅ Drink water Read more

What Is The Best Way To Build Muscle Fast? Hitting the gym to lift weights can be a fun hobby, but you need definite goals to get leaner, bigger, and ultimately stronger. Think about your workout plan, and understand what’s needed to build bigger muscles. It’s not just about lots of sets and lots of reps.But what is the best way to build your muscles? For years it has been debated within muscle-building communities, but the message is clear whilst the number of reps will significantly increase size, the amount of weight we lift has a huge bearing on how large we eventually become.If you’re a beginner, you could... Read more

Is Your Sportswear On Point? Sportswear is now a huge market, with brands such as Adidas and Nike taking over street style and even hitting the international catwalks. It plays an essential role while working out in a fitness gym, and therefore should be chosen with care. As our obsession with everything fitness continues to boom, it’s becoming more and more important to consider what we wear when we work out and how technologically advanced our sports kit really is. At Elite Body Squad, we can help you choose sportswear that will maximise your workout without hitting your pocket too hard. By wearing the correct... Read more