Is Your Sportswear On Point?

Is Your Sportswear On Point?

Sportswear is now a huge market, with brands such as Adidas and Nike taking over street style and even hitting the international catwalks. It plays an essential role while working out in a fitness gym, and therefore should be chosen with care.

As our obsession with everything fitness continues to boom, it’s becoming more and more important to consider what we wear when we work out and how technologically advanced our sports kit really is.

At Elite Body Squad, we can help you choose sportswear that will maximise your workout without hitting your pocket too hard. By wearing the correct kit, you can focus on your training without distracting your performance.

Our gym T-shirts and vests allow you to not only look good, they're functional too. You’re able to move, jump, squat in our clothing, so you don’t feel restricted when moving.

The quality of our fabrics supports you and let’s your body breathe.

Soft, lightweight and stretchy they are perfectly suited for activewear and absorb sweat very well.

Flexibility of the fabric is just as important as material. Using flat seams which don’t rub or irritate the skin, you can feel confident that you’re wearing appropriate clothing - when you feel good and confident while exercising, this motivates you even more.

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