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Emma Larson talks us through how she got her amazing abs So you want abs? The most common mistake is to think that by doing 150 situps every day, six days a week will instantly produce abs. Unfortunately, it's a little harder than that and it all starts in the kitchen, not in the gym! Get yourself on track with a healthy sustainable diet, making sure it contains all elements (fats, proteins, carbs). Once you've got that in the bag and you start chipping away at the fat loss, then you can get down and dirty with those abs and make them cry! I don't dedicate a session solely to abs,... Read more

We asked out ambassadors about how they stay healthy whilst snacking Most of us have a sweet tooth every now and then and are guilty of reaching for something sugary sweet from time to time – especially when you’re trying to eat right on the run. So if you’re looking for some protein-packed muscle snacks or you’re lacking inspiration for your snacking, here’s a list of some high-protein, guilt-free nibbles that will fit the bill just when you need it most. Protein can help you shed those unwanted pounds - and keep your stomach full too:  Jess Lee Protein bars, boiled eggs and nuts – especially pumpkin seeds which are loaded... Read more

We talk to our ambassadors about national hydration day National hydration day, so we asked our ambassadors about what their fluid intake is like. Here are their responses… Helen MacGregor Every morning I have a teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar with half a litre of water and a green tea. Throughout the day I’ll drink 3-4 litres of water as well as a few cups of green tea spread out throughout the day. Peter Batai I’d love to say that everyone has to have at least a litre of water for every 20 kg of their body weight. Therefore an average male with 70 kg should consume 3.5... Read more

The Fitness Myths that are Damaging Workout Routines Exercise is a fundamental part of many people's day-to-day routine. People workout to look good, improve their physical condition and to feel good about themselves. Many are given completely false advice on their fitness regimes, however. There are some myths about exercise that still exist to this day which turn out to be completely false. Such is the case with many long-standing myths, the vast majority of people still believe they are true. Here, we shall debunk these mysteries surrounding fitness and shed some light about how you can overcome them. Myth – You only need to exercise twice a... Read more

Summer Giveaway Competition! Whether you're just starting your fitness journey and are looking to get into shape for the summer months, or are a fitness pro looking for new ways to help aid recovery times and boost different muscle groups, we think we have just the competition for you! In this summer giveaway, we're offering you the chance to win one of our branded, slim-fit t-shirts, our 5* rated ab roller and our 5* rated lifting straps too! To be in with the chance of winning, simply enter your details below. Get entering and we'll announce the winner on 31st July. GOOD LUCK 💪 Read more

Does alcohol effect bodybuilding? The topic of alcohol is quite often overlooked in the world of bodybuilding because, let's face it, we all love to have a cheeky drink every so often. But does alcohol impede your bodybuilding progress at all? Cutting down on alcohol can actually be very beneficial for a bodybuilding programme. There is a direct connection between the consumption of alcohol and it's effect on muscle production. Alcohol intake effects the release of human growth hormones. These growth hormones are an important substance and they are produced in order to assist in the building of muscles in the body. They can... Read more

Take a look inside the world's most expensive gym Located in Belgrade, Serbia, and designed by 4of7 the Wellness Sky has become known as the world's most expensive gym. Spanning an impressive 1100 sqm and looking spectacular, the gym's average membership costs sits at around £30,000 a year. The original building was created 35 years ago and was designed to be a landmark of the Belgrade waterfront.  It used to be the home of a very exclusive restaurant which was a part of the recreational centre which was accessible to the public. The original design was created by the communist government and was supported by the President at the... Read more

Callisthenics explained by Manuel Callisthenics is not as technical as it sounds, it’s simply a form of exercise where you use the weight of your own body to build muscle, rather than attempting to isolate small body parts one at a time – and it can be done anytime, anywhere. So if you’ve ever done a sit-up, a push-up or a plank, you’re already taking part in the latest exercise phenomenon which dates all the way back to ancient Greece.   Proper callisthenics training will help promote the growth of lean muscle mass, and increase your strength, mobility, flexibility, agility, and endurance – and... Read more

Real world fitness, applying your fitness to real world jobs Some jobs in the world demand an exceptional amount of fitness and self-determination to succeed in. Being able to be on the ball and bring it on the day is not an option, it is an essential part of your fitness regime. This could mean walking into a burning building to save someone's life, swimming into an ocean to prevent someone from drowning or breaking through windows to assist those in need. What these all have in common is that they do not come without a ridiculous amount of work and preparation. Joshua Wilson - Lifeguard: 'This is my 15th summer working... Read more

How Conor McGregor trained for UFC Fights Everyone now knows who Conor McGregor is. The UFC star has grown to worldwide fame for his antics both inside and outside the octagon. What cannot be denied is that Conor is in amazing shape and despite not looking the biggest, he is physically in excellent shape. He fights with a mixed martial arts style which means his training revolves around style and control. His presence inside the octagon is one to be admired and he is often too formidable for his foes. He attributes his style as a mixture between mind, body and breath. “If it doesn’t involve balance... Read more

Former soldier reveals the top fitness tips he learnt in the military Kevin Toonen, 38, is a strength and conditioning coach for the special forces. He has spent the past 18 years in the armed forces and has served in the likes of Afghanistan and East Timor. With his motto of "You can never be too strong" Kevin now keeps the special forces that are based in Australia in peak condition. He trains the soldiers there so that they are ready for any sort of scenario life can throw at them and so that they are prepared for life or death situations. He knows a thing or two about pushing the soliders... Read more

Steroids in sport: Professional wrestling Professional Wrestling is a strange old world to observe. They often portray the larger than life athletes as someone to aspire to be, someone who is the ideal form of a man or woman. But we must question how they have achieved this impressive physique. Regular wellness tests and harsh suspensions have been introduced to the company to combat the use of steroids in the sport. Many who have competed throughout the years have taken steroids to compete with the harsh punishment that their bodies face from such a busy schedule. There is a fine line between use and abuse and... Read more

Why a cool-down can be just as important as the exercise itself A cool-down can be just as important as the exercise itself and it's important to carefully learn some cooldown stretches and exercises that you can use after every workout. A simple routine can help you to gradually relax, improve flexibility, slow your heart rate and help kick-start the repair process in your muscles for the next exercise session. We asked our ambassadors how they like to cool down after a workout, and if they could share any of their top tips... Jess Lee Usually, to cool down after exercise I do 5 minutes slow walk on the treadmill. Anthony Larson... Read more

Want a great six pack? Eat avocado Hear us out on this one. We are all well aware that over indulging on fatty foods and shakes will not help us bulk up at all. So what does actually help us? Our diet accounts for around 75% of any form of weight gain/loss so it is crucially important to focus on what we are eating. You know that indulging in eating fatty foods will only lead to adding ounces and unnecessary fat to your stomach area. So what is the best food to fill your stomach and not add any inches to your stomach? Avocados Avocados are fruits... Read more

Exercising with a friend can influence your workouts It is no mystery that your confidence and motivation improves when you are alongside a friend. Say your friend says then ran 5k at the weekend, you automatically feel the need to do so yourself (in most cases).  It is quite often the case that your gym workouts become more effective when you workout alongside one of your friends as well. Friends have a major influence on a person’s exercise routine Men are more influenced by both their male and female friends whereas women are more influenced by other women. Less active people are more likely to be motivated by... Read more