The Fitness Myths that are Damaging Workout Routines

The Fitness Myths that are Damaging Workout Routines
Exercise is a fundamental part of many people's day-to-day routine. People workout to look good, improve their physical condition and to feel good about themselves. Many are given completely false advice on their fitness regimes, however. There are some myths about exercise that still exist to this day which turn out to be completely false. Such is the case with many long-standing myths, the vast majority of people still believe they are true. Here, we shall debunk these mysteries surrounding fitness and shed some light about how you can overcome them.

Myth – You only need to exercise twice a week to stay in shape:

The cold, hard fact here is that exercising once or twice a week just simply is not enough to sustain an elevated level of fitness and health. It is recommended that someone exercises for a minimum of three days per week to maintain a balanced fitness regime which will allow the results to show. A minimum of three days exercise is required in order to maintain a healthy and well-maintained exercise programme. To really tone up and perfect your body, you should be exercising every day. This should include physical activity instead of just normal movements. Sitting down and doing nothing counter reacts all the exercise you have done, so movement and light exercises regularly are a must.

Myth – Weightlifting turns fat into muscle:

The simple truth in this is that you cannot change fat into muscle. Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue completely so the idea that they can convert into one another is just false. Adipose, or fat, tissues are found under the skin, they are placed between muscles and around your internal organs. Muscle tissue, which has three differing types, can be found throughout the body. What weight training does is assist in building up the muscle tissue in and around the fat tissues throughout your body. The best way for someone to reduce their fat levels is to focus on their diet and eat a balanced amount of vegetables, grains, proteins and healthy fats such as olive oil and fish. This will allow the muscle to grow and the fat levels to decrease.

Myth – The best time to workout is first thing in the morning:

Exercise can be carried out at any time of the day, the effectiveness of the timing choice comes from you choosing what time will be most effective for you. Your ultimate aim is to make workouts and fitness a daily routine. If this means you prefer to go to the gym or have a run at night, then so be it. If you prefer working out in the morning then do that. Either way, it is when you want to exercise and the time of the day you choose to exercise will not affect how successful an exercise is. Research has suggested that working out first thing in the morning can assist with the speed of weight loss by priming the body to burn more fat throughout the day.

Myth – Exercise is the most effective way of losing weight:

If you are looking to lose weight and shed a few pounds, you should not just rely on exercise alone as it simply will not work. Slimming down and losing weight is reliant on you having a balanced diet. Without this, your chances of slimming down are majorly slim. Diet has always played a much bigger role than exercise. Being active is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to boosting your mood, having an improved memory and protecting your brain against any age-related symptoms, regular exercise is a must.

Myth – Sports and Isotonic drinks are the best way to rehydrate after a workout:

You can often see footballers and professional athletes grabbing a quick isotonic drink mid-match to keep their energy levels up and hydrate themselves. All that sports drinks are, to put it simply, are a mixture of sugar and water. Experts have suggested that the real way to fuel yourself after a workout is to drink plain water and then a high protein shake. Protein is used as a means of reconditioning muscles after a workout.

Myth – Sit-ups are the best way to get a 6-pack.

Sit-ups only tend to target your abdominal muscles. A more effective way of forming that ever so desired 6-pack is to plank. The plank focuses on several groups of your muscles rather than just your abdominal region. You will feel a stronger emphasis on your sides, front and back. If you want to have a stronger and more effective core muscle structure, this is the type of exercise you need to be doing. Through a combination of dynamic movements, a core workout can help strengthen the whole set of core muscles that are used on a daily basis.

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