Want a great six pack? Eat avocado

Want a great six pack? Eat avocado
Hear us out on this one. We are all well aware that over indulging on fatty foods and shakes will not help us bulk up at all. So what does actually help us? Our diet accounts for around 75% of any form of weight gain/loss so it is crucially important to focus on what we are eating. You know that indulging in eating fatty foods will only lead to adding ounces and unnecessary fat to your stomach area. So what is the best food to fill your stomach and not add any inches to your stomach?


Avocados are fruits which can quite often be quite high in calories. But their nutritional value is really high, so they are considered an absolute gold mine for health food fanatics. The fruit is rich in monosaturated fats. Monosaturated fats are positive which can reduce your levels of LDL cholesterol (which you don't want) and can elevate your HDL cholesterol levels (the good kind). A few slices of avocado may actually protect you from suffering high levels of cholesterol and even block potential heart diseases.  They are also rich in folate, which is the natural form of folic acid.  This nutrient is crucial because it boosts the production of your hydrochloric acid. This helps you digest proteins and in addition, contributes to the development of tissues and muscle mass. This means that eating avocados will help you from those abs you have been seeking. A single avocado can provide you with enough nutrients to fully cleanse your body from any radicals which could be affecting your health or are causing inflammation. Vitamin E is essential for muscle cells respiration and for skeletal muscles. The vitamin will also improve your cardiac functioning. This will, over time, increase your stamina levels. Avocados are known to be rich in beta-sitosterol which will help improve your body's immunity and control your overall cholesterol levels. This sterol will not allow your hormones to transform into DHT, which means that testosterone will start moving around your body and accumulate in your muscle tissue. This means your muscles will become leaner and become as defined as you want them.

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