We asked out ambassadors about how they stay healthy whilst snacking

We asked out ambassadors about how they stay healthy whilst snacking
Most of us have a sweet tooth every now and then and are guilty of reaching for something sugary sweet from time to time – especially when you’re trying to eat right on the run. So if you’re looking for some protein-packed muscle snacks or you’re lacking inspiration for your snacking, here’s a list of some high-protein, guilt-free nibbles that will fit the bill just when you need it most. Protein can help you shed those unwanted pounds - and keep your stomach full too:

 Jess Lee

Protein bars, boiled eggs and nuts – especially pumpkin seeds which are loaded with zinc.

 Brandon Daord  

I snack on a lot of things, but protein wise I eat 2 grenade bars a day, 1 nutrition flapjack, also I have 6 white chocolate rice crispy treats a day.

Arran Perry

I go for beef jerky if I’m going for lean gains, simple chicken wraps with wholemeal tortilla (chicken is another lean muscle builder and the tortilla wraps add some extra carbs) or protein bars.

Laura Sheriffe

I eat quite a lot of Greek yoghurt as it’s naturally high in protein. If I have it for breakfast I have it with fresh berries so I’m also including one of my 5 a day, but if I need more of an energy boost I add some granola or some chopped nuts for a bigger protein hit.

 Craig Wright

I usually have protein bars, eat natural ones usually. Protein granola and Skyr yoghurt, whey shakes through the day and a casein shake before bed.

Jessie Sheriffe

I snack on nuts as they’re full of healthy fats and almonds are the king of nuts! They’ve also got loads of vitamin E which are an excellent antioxidant booster and help with overall health.

Connor Laing

If I don't have time to sit down for a meal, I either grab a meal replacement drink, cereal bar or a protein-rich energy bar. I always make sure that it’s got at least six grammes of protein and importantly it’s low in sugar and fat.

Emma Larson

Protein peanut butter balls are quick and easy to make and are a quick fix when your muscles are tired and need a nutritional boost. I just mix 2 scoops of protein powder, ½ cup peanut butter and 1 cup of dry oats. You can also add some dried fruit too for some added fibre. If they aren’t easy to roll, add a drop of water and a little bit more peanut butter. Roll into balls and go! You could try protein pancakes too.

Anthony Larson

I do have a couple ‘go to’ recipes! I have the following on a daily basis: Banana protein pancakes 250g liquid egg whites 100g banana 50g oats 15g vanilla whey protein Blend all ingredients together then cook into pancakes on the pan. My pre bed meal is: 100g low fat yogurt 100g cottage cheese 50g avocado Scoop of chocolate whey protein Add a little water and blend ingredients together. Sensational tasting chocolate mousse that you can't believe is full of natural ingredients.

Peter Batai

Snacking on top quality high protein food is essential when you are trying to change your body composition. I always recommend real solid food instead of supplements. Don’t get me wrong, supplements are great but if you can eat solid food you should consider that as your first choice. I have two favourites. One of them is a pudding-like treat. It’s a tub of quark with a small spoon of beef gelatine (great for joints and has no taste but high in protein; also makes the quark thicker) and just spray a little bit of Robinson's (summer fruit my choice) squash in it and mix it. It is like a fruit pudding. A tub typically will provide(with added beef gelatine powder) about 40-50g of protein, with no fat and hardly any carbs. Delicious and particularly refreshing during a hot summer day. The other one is my "tuna bomb" half an avocado, 1 can of tuna steak and some fresh lemon or lime. Due to the good fat from avocado the protein absorbs slower which makes this an ideal no carb/high protein savoury meal. Very quick to prepare and could increase your daily calorie and protein intake.

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