What Is The Best Way To Build Muscle Fast?

What Is The Best Way To Build Muscle Fast?

Hitting the gym to lift weights can be a fun hobby, but you need definite goals to get leaner, bigger, and ultimately stronger.

Think about your workout plan, and understand what’s needed to build bigger muscles. It’s not just about lots of sets and lots of reps.

But what is the best way to build your muscles?

For years it has been debated within muscle-building communities, but the message is clear whilst the number of reps will significantly increase size, the amount of weight we lift has a huge bearing on how large we eventually become.

If you’re a beginner, you could gain size and strength providing the weight you use is at least 60% of the amount you could possibly lift 15-20 times in a single set.

Though with experience, that percentage should be increasing to at least 80% of your first set max weight to grow bigger and stronger.

You should probably lift about eight times in your set before there’s nothing left in your tank.

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