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Cardio Vs Weights: Which Is Best For You? Cardio vs weights: which is right for you? Both have huge fitness benefits, some of which overlap, whilst both cardio and weights also have some drawbacks too. From higher calorie burn to hardening the body against injury, and risk of stress fractures to issues managing energy loss, here are some cardio vs weights arguments! Read more

Shed The Winter Fat And Shred Your Way To Summer You've enjoyed the winter months and all the festivities that come with it, but now it's time to start looking forward through 2016. Whatever your fitness goals may be, first you may need to shift some of that extra Christmas weight! Our great four week workout guide to shedding excess pounds will act as a great guide for starting your route to your body goals. View it below above! Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Lift With A Weightlifting Belt Why should you use a weightlifting belt? Weight lifting can damage the lower back muscles and this can bring your progress to a stand still. Wearing a weight belt is the simple solution to the problem. But there are many other benefits too which will aid your training routine, increase performance and limit lower back strain and related injuries. Check out our infographic on 5 reasons why you need to use a weightlifting belt. Feel free to share! Get your own weightlifting belt here.  Read more

Your Ultimate Shredding Meal Plan Once you've put the hours in at the gym and built up the calories, it's time to start shredding to show off your hard work and our ultimate shredding meal plan can certainly help! The process of shredding involves losing excess fat and building lean muscle, allowing you to achieve the body you desire. It's recommended you eat 5 small meals a day, with 23-hour intervals in between. This will allow you to maintain blood sugar levels, muscle mass and maintain body fluids for daily activities. Take at look at our easy-to-follow meal plan for those who want to eat... Read more

Stability Ball Training Using a stability ball in your workouts can really change up your training. Instead of performing all of your exercises on a stable foundation, such as a workout bench or the floor, you can add an extra element of balance which challenges the core muscles at the same time as doing your main exercise. So for example let's take the dumbbell press. You would traditionally perform this on a bench. Using a stability ball to do the same exercise means that you can still work the pectorals, triceps and front deltoids, but at the same time your core muscles are... Read more

5 Effective Core Exercises (INFOGRAPHIC) Check out our infographic all about effective core exercises, and some of the simplest yet most effective routines you can do at home or in the gym to strengthen your midsection. A great way to exercise the core is by using an exercise ball. Shop the full range of Elite Body Squad workout products that are Unbeatable By Design here. Read more