Your Ultimate Shredding Meal Plan

Your Ultimate Shredding Meal Plan
Once you've put the hours in at the gym and built up the calories, it's time to start shredding to show off your hard work and our ultimate shredding meal plan can certainly help! The process of shredding involves losing excess fat and building lean muscle, allowing you to achieve the body you desire. It's recommended you eat 5 small meals a day, with 23-hour intervals in between. This will allow you to maintain blood sugar levels, muscle mass and maintain body fluids for daily activities. Take at look at our easy-to-follow meal plan for those who want to eat well and shred effectively.

Extra Tips

  • Eat breakfast within an hour of rising and eat your last meal 3 hours before bed.
  • Make sure each meal is a combination of lean protein & complex carbs.
  • Fats are an important part of your meal plan, eat them sufficiently
  • Fresh fruits & vegetables are an excellent source of fibre, vitamins, nutrients & enzymes

A Strong Diet Plan Is Just As Important As Your Gym Routine

We�ve designed this menu to be simple, not bank busting and delicious. If you combine a strict diet with a bodybuilding routine, you will see the effects of shredding and have your desired body. We recommended you use Creatine Monohydrate as a supplement for your shake snacks, it helps boost your energy and has been proved to be one of the safest and most effective supplements on the market, buy it from our website here. At Elite Body Squad we want all our customers to feel confident they are heading for their perfect body, drop us a message or browse our shop for fantastic bodybuilding equipment that will enhance your workout.

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