You’d Never Guess What’s In The Bag

You’d Never Guess What’s In The Bag

You can tell a lot about what we pack in our gym bag – they are, after all, our ultimate survival kit when we hit the gym! Packing the right gear can help motivate you to reach your fitness goals and make for a healthier, more effective workout session. 

Are you super organised and pack your bag at night so it’s ready to grab and go in the morning? Are you one of those people who gets to the gym and realised you’ve forgotten your essentials? We asked our Ambassadors to reveal what essential items they kept in their gym bag (not including a water bottle!): 

Craig Wright (craiglw007) -my inhaler because I’m asthmatic

Arran Perry (arranperry1) – it has to be BCAA, needed throughout the day!

Kelly Marie Lovelady(kellymarielovelady) – chocolate!!

Anthony Larson (anthlarson) – lifting straps

Brandon Daord (brandon_daord) – boxing gloves, mouth guard, head guard, my hand wraps,, my flip flops, tiger balm and protein…sorry, more than one item but they’re all equally essential!

Sophie Major (sophiemajorx) – it would have to be my knee wraps ready for those heavy leg sessions.

Emma Larson (emslarson) – my headphones but if I’m allowed 2 items id have my workout bands too!

Chloe Barrigan (chloe_b_squats) – my lifting gloves and lifting belt!

Helen MacGregor (heliemac1) – my earphones to get me in the zone

Jess Lee (jesslee3) – my headphones so I can listen to some banging tunes and money for a protein shake (and my BCAAs!) 

The Elite Body Squad gym bag is a durable, sturdy bag that is lightweight and will last you for years; and if you don’t believe us, this is what our Ambassador Peter Batai said about it: 

“I am very privileged to use the gym bag provided by Elite Body Squad for a good few months now. It’s sturdy, spacious and versatile. A perfect size for me as I like to carry everything all the time just in case. My gym bag consists of pre/intra and post workout drinks, weight lifting belt, wraps for knee and wrist. I usually travel in my workout gear but chuck a fresh t-shirt and pair of trousers in the bag. Even my towels fit (both!) into the bag as I am using the Elite Body Squad gym towels.

Two different sizes - one for the gym to wipe sweat off or cover equipment and the other one for shower. They are very thin and take up hardly any space but absorb a lot of water. I know it sounds a lot but I love to have everything on me regardless of what I’m planning to train on the actual day. Never running into any surprises and my bag holds it all but I still have space for much more in case it’s needed.”

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