Why Not Try Handstands To Build Great Core Strength

Why Not Try Handstands To Build Great Core Strength

When you look around the gym, people tend to start their handstand journey with exercises such as holding a headstand against a wall. If your goal is being able to do a freestanding handstand, the goal is worthy of your time and encourages many other physical skills, while benefiting from core and upperbody strength and greater shoulder mobility.

The handstand does not require great strength or big muscles. Whilst you need a base level of strength, first you need to be able to hold yourself upside down, with the weight supported fully on your hands and shoulders - pretty obvious eh!

This level of strength is much easier to build than most people think, but you need to train handstands frequently to achieve this.

Once you have mastered the foundations, you will find that the handstand changes. The training will become more skill base, rather than strength training, with the technique improving through repetition.

To get the best results, ideally you should practice handstands a little bit every day and this commitment will effortlessly grow into a habit that becomes part of your daily routine.

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