We talked to our ambassador Anthony Larson about his New Year's resolutions

We talked to our ambassador Anthony Larson about his New Year's resolutions
New Years resolutions are one of those things that people promise to do each year but few actually stick to them. Our ambassadors have set themselves some bold and character building resolutions that they are determined to achieve. The goals that Anthony and our other ambassadors have set have allowed them to be focused on bettering themselves. They vary from improving their diets, to preparing for competitions and even going on less nights out. Anthony has outlined his New Year goals and we are determined that he will be able to stick to them, here is what he had to say.

Make small sustainable changes at a time:

The biggest challenge for people taking on a new regime is that it is the polar opposite of their current lifestyle. If we were to focus on diets for instance, completely changing what you eat for every meal all in one go would be very difficult to sustain and may put you off at just the thought. When I approach contest prep I adopt a process where I will remove certain foods from my diet little by little. This helps me stay on track and I hardly notice the changes until the final few weeks. My advice would be to try adopting one meal from your new diet at a time then once you’ve grasped that move onto the next.

Track your progress:

Understanding that the changes you are implementing are making a difference will be a great inspiration for you. Taking measurements, pictures and tracking your calories will help you understand the positive changes you are making.

Set yourself short and long term goals:

having something to aim for will maintain your focus and positivity. When you’re feeling low the thought of meeting your objectives can easily turn a bad day into a more positive one. Then when you reach those goals the sense of satisfaction will spur you on to continue your new lifestyle choices. Follow Anthony's progress on his Instagram.

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