Trendy new protein-rich foods

Trendy new protein-rich foods

Protein rich foods are a big trend and are now hitting our supermarket shelves. Until recently, high protein diets were a main focus for bodybuilders, who used tubs of whey powder to build and maintain muscle. But now, even popular brands such as Weetabix and Snickers have brought out some High Street protein boosters.

Today you can buy everything from protein-enriched bread and breakfast cereals to smoothies, milk, pizza and even chocolate.

Without sufficient protein, we not only lose muscle mass that helps us burn calories efficiently, we also snack more, because protein quashes hunger more effectively than any other kind of food.

It’s more sensible to choose foods that are naturally high in it, like chicken and cheese, as some manufacturers are guilty of adding too much sugar and salt in their quest to eliminate the natural bitter flavour of plant proteins.

Elite Body Squad ambassadors don’t tend to rely on ‘high-protein’ foods as their source of protein, but rev up their diets with natural products and home cooking:

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