The Power Of Ankle Weights

The Power Of Ankle Weights

For many people, wearing ankle weights enhances their workout and can be part of a simple, everyday activity such as using on a brisk walk or around the house. Walking with ankle and wrist weights increases aerobic capacity and there are muscle toning benefits, stamina, and endurance so it’s a great way to work the body - if used in the right way.


Strapped onto your wrists and/or ankles, the weights add resistance to movement, making every move more of an effort – which equals additional calories being burned and muscles being toned and firmed up. Within a few weeks of use, you start building more and more stamina and they’re are best used in the following three areas of fitness: 

1.Strength and Endurance



But don’t wear them every time you walk or workout as this is not as effective as you think it might be. Your muscle, joints and tendons need to rest so avoid using weights all the time. Be sensible, and start slowly, gradually increasing weight and increase your reps or speed while exercising.

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