The Healthy Way To Snack

The Healthy Way To Snack

Did you know that not all snacks are unhealthy? There are some smart snacks which help boost your brain and are brilliant workday treats: 

Get Green - although a cup of green tea doesn’t contain quite as much caffeine as regular tea or coffee, it does contain L-theanine, an amino acid that triggers the release of alpha waves in the brain. The result…increased focus and attention. 

Sharp as a berry - eating flavonoid-rich blueberries increases the flow of nutrient rich blood to the brain. The result… improved cognitive functions which help you tackle more challenging tasks with ease. 

Brain boost beans - Cocoa beans are high in flavanols which helps to enhance the performance of your working memory and helps process visual information. Chocolate is made from cocoa butter rather than milk butter so it has a high percentage of cocoa milk or white chocolate. The result…protective, effective brains! 

Go nuts - if you snack on walnuts during the day there is research to suggest they keep your brain working more effectively. This is because the nut has a high level of  good polyunsaturated fats. The result…better memory, better recall.


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