Supplements, fitness and injury prevention advice from pro boxer Brandon Daord

Supplements, fitness and injury prevention advice from pro boxer Brandon Daord
We recently caught up with guest ambassador Brandon Daord who offered some training and diet advice. Check out his tips below!

How important do you think supplements and shakes/replacement drinks are as part of your training diet and recovery?

Well, I think when you’re in your boxing camp for a fight recovery it’s very important, so yes I do think they play a big part of your overall diet and recovery plan. If you are regularly in recovery after training or competing, then supplements are the best because when you take them the correct way you are getting back into your body everything you’ve lost during a hard, gruelling session - plus with plenty more goodness, your muscles will recover much faster and so you feel a lot better and a lot broader in your fights.

How do you maintain your fitness in between fights?

Maintaining fitness is not hard, it’s just important to do slow light runs and light sessions but each day you add more reps or more pace in your runs and training to stay strong. If you keep this up throughout your cooling off periods and the whole way through, your fitness will gradually come.

How do you avoid injury? With such a gruelling training schedule, what are your top tips for avoiding injury?

A big part of not getting injured is to stretch every muscle in your body but I still don't think you can get to every muscle simply by stretching. So my top tip would be to go swimming, very lightly, after a gruelling session in the gym. Swimming is a big part of my training - we have so many tough sessions, so I always end up having to go swimming. I don't go to the pool to do loads and loads of lengths but I go to stretch every muscle in my body. I really believe people when they say that whilst swimming you use muscles you don't even know are there! So by having a slow swim it will help fully stretch your body. To be honest, I'm in one of the top 5 toughest sports and I have never had one injury and I believe this is why. Swimming is very underrated and I honestly think it’s the best thing for you and your body. Follow Brandon's progress on Twitter here.

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