Spring is here and our ambassadors have given us their full body fitness tips

Spring is here and our ambassadors have given us their full body fitness tips
Spring is here! If you've taken the winter off, ease back into shape with our general, full body fitness tips.  

Manuel Sthenics:

The first tip is, everything starts from the mind! So if you’re in the right mindset it makes it much easier to work hard in the gym…and you will reach your goal with positive thinking. 

Dave Dooner:

Make every rep count, train smart, open your mind and be a sponge. Learning is progression and never stop.


Peter Batai:

I certainly didn’t take the winter off. Even for an average gym goer, it shouldn’t be the option. Beach bodies are created during the winter! If your aim is a good body composition it starts in the kitchen. Even with moderate exercise, a good, balanced diet could cause miracles in one's appearance.
It is really easy. As a starter, try to get rid of the following three: sugar, white flour and alcohol. Try to have 4-5 small meals instead of the usual 3. If you can avoid processed food you’re also doing yourself a massive favour. Start to do moderate exercise 3 times per week and you are already on the right track to get a better, more toned body. Believe me, you will feel much better within a matter of a few weeks.


Kelly-Marie Stewart

When you take off your winter woollies and are ready to spring back into action, it’s important to warm up properly. Some people won’t have done anything for a while, and you can’t just jump straight back into it or you could end up with an injury. As the weather gets nicer, people start to leave their treadmills behind and return to the roads. Spring running is around the corner! Start slowly, warm the muscles and let your body know you mean business!

Brandon Daord

If people haven’t been training for a while, they would need to ease themselves back into it and don't go mad on your first workouts. Also, if you’re just getting back into fitness after a little bit of time off, you need to make sure your body is safe by stretching a lot before and after training…or you may be out of training again for a while because of injury. So, my 2 key points for getting back into training after a nice break is to ease yourself back into your workout. Don't try to rush your body until you find your rhythm again. And secondly, stretch…before and after training - your body is not used to what it’s about to go through, so prepare it properly and safely.

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