Smart Fitness Wear

Smart Fitness Wear

The sports market is full of fitness-obsessed products, and as the trend for sportswear which is sweat, grease and stain-proof reaches an all-time high, there’s a growing demand for activewear - sporty fashion for both the gym and the street. 

Yet as activewear is booming in the market, there’s an explosion of another kind on the horizon. Tech wear. 

Big-name tech companies such as Samsung and Google have started to think about ways to make the clothes we wear as smart as the phone in your pocket or the watch on your wrist. In fact, Google is already working with Levi’s and other fashion partners to design high-tech clothing using more traditional techniques. Ralph Lauren has already released a PoloTech shirt which is outfitted with sensors that transmit data to an app on the wearer’s heart rate, stress levels and energy output. Then there are Physiclo’s shorts and leggings designed with resistance panels of smart fabric that tone and boost the calorie burn during a workout. 

Whilst there’s still some way to go until this new trend is more affordable, the future of gym wear is certainly moving towards ‘smart’ clothes. But until then, our ambassadors highlight just how fashionable athletic gear has become…

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