Now Is Not The Time To Hibernate

Now Is Not The Time To Hibernate

The winter months can be a challenging time to stick to a lifestyle plan - both exercising and around our diet, but it’s not a time to hibernate!

The weather is colder, the daylight hours are shorter and it’s a busy time of year which pushes other priorities further up the list. It can make it hard to establish a routine, but it’s important to maintain strength and energy and not comfort eat.

To keep in shape over the winter needs determination and a plan which is achievable and you’re able to keep!

  1. Go for the goals. Remind yourself of your goals. By starting with goals in mind, you are more likely to succeed
  2. Bring your fitness programme indoors. It’s cold and wet and whilst you may not wish to exercise there are many ways to stay active and maintain your fitness levels. Get to the gym, work out at home or try a fitness class - if you enjoy it then you’re more likely to stick to it.
  3. Get it in the diary. Be deliberate about scheduling exercise, once it becomes part of your every day schedule for the day and this can help you achieve your fitness goal. Additionally, track your exercise in a log. Seeing your achievements and progress will be very motivating.
  4. Partner up! Exercise can be social and fun, so train with your friends and family and once you’ve got a date and time in the diary, make sure you stick to it!
  5. Time management. Most of us run busy schedules and fitting in a gym session can sometimes be a squeeze.
Remind yourself that exercise does not have to take long and concentrate on what you enjoy the most.

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