Not All Mats Are The Same

Not All Mats Are The Same

How To Stay Healthy In The Gym


You may not consider an exercise mat as an essential part of your workout wardrobe, but they’re very handy to have if you regularly do floor-based strength training moves such as crunches and stretching exercises. They can absorb some of the impact whilst exercising and provide cushioning between you and the floor during general floor exercise. You’ll get better traction on an exercise mat too, as they don’t tend to slip on polished or wooden floors. They're also worthwhile to have if you regularly take pilates or yoga classes. 

Gyms aren’t always the most hygienic of places either, with people touching equipment, weights and floor mats constantly throughout the day. The conditions are a breeding ground for germs, so having your own mat is a much cleaner option. 

And if you do regularly attend fitness classes, some gyms don’t have enough mats to go around, so you’re guaranteed a mat if there aren’t enough to go around…and it’s sure to be a clean one too!

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