Meal Prep Doesn’t Need To Be Boring...

Meal Prep Doesn’t Need To Be Boring...
Make smarter decisions when planning meals and save time and money. In just a few hours each week, you can take charge of your macros, shopping budget, and health.

Meal prepping will be different for everyone and depends on your lifestyle and goals. Read on for more top tips...

❗️Make sure your kitchen has all the helpful tools - food scales, sharp
knives, storage containers, freezer/storage bags.

❗️Fill your cupboard with the basics - rice, dried pasta, cooking oils,
spices, seasoning, condiments, protein powder.

❗️The planning - make sure your shopping list covers your need for protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and starches but try to always buy quality

❗️What foods - proteins, carbohydrates (starches and veg) and healthy fats.

❗️The preparation - use your time wisely and it's generally easiest to complete one stage of prep before moving on to the next.

❗️Cooking - baking, roasting, stir fry and grilling.

❗️Meal prep storage - all that's left is packing up your food and storing it
in the fridge and freezer!

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