How to sculpt your lower abs with just three simple exercises

How to sculpt your lower abs with just three simple exercises
Abs are great. You look shredded and they can give you a real confidence boost. The journey to obtaining them can be quite difficult and time-consuming though.  We will provide you with three exercises that can guarantee you abs but also focus on the requirements you should be following in order to prepare yourself for such a transformation. The first week should be focused on creating your diet plans. Carbohydrates should be drastically reduced and sugars should be eliminated. The next focus should be on cutting down your heavier carbs such as bread and pasta. The majority of your carbs should come from vegetables. By cutting these carbohydrates down you should notice a dramatic change in around two weeks.

Start the sculpture

The next focus should be on exercise. This is what will actually cause the fat burning and induce weight loss even further at an increased rate. The diet will have set the groundwork and foundations to build your abs. The combination of cutting down the carbohydrates and doing cardiovascular exercise is the ideal way of quickly shedding excess fat and moulding your abs.  Cardio can be made easy. We all know it can feel like a chore at charm. A good programme of steady exercise that lasts between 30 to 45 minutes and is performed around 4 times per week is perfect. Walking can actually be the most effective form of exercise. Now we move to the sculpting process. There will still be some fat the bust so sticking to cardio work and focusing on your diet as well as exercising will help you create those oh so desired washboard abs.

Get to the gym

The first exercise we shall look at is the hanging knee raise. Start this by grabbing onto the pull-up bar and keeping your body straight. Then lift your knees up towards your chest and slowly bring them down again. Now you have done a single rep. Continue doing these as they are really effective at working your lower abs. The next exercise is Swiss ball pull-ins which you will need an exercise ball for. These will affect both your abdominal muscles and your core. Start off by placing yourself into a push-up position and rest your shins on the ball. Pull the ball in until your knees touch your chest and then push back. This is one rep. The final exercise is the reverse crunch. These are a very simple yet highly effective upgrade to the traditional crunch.  Lay on your back with your feet lifted into the air. Bend your knees so you reach a point where your legs are parallel to the floor. Then bring your knees back so they touch your chest then move them forward again. By using a combination of these exercise plans and the diet you should find yourself on the way towards sculpting your perfect abs.

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