How to keep fit in your golden years

How to keep fit in your golden years
Keeping fit will always be an important part of people's lives. It's what keeps the brain and mind active but is also a lot of fun to do. But when you turn older it can become increasingly more difficult to maintain the same level of fitness that was once present during youthful days. Adults are now living longer and healthier lives which are largely due to an increased emphasis on their health and fitness. Nutrition is also playing a vital role in the elongation of people's lives. The combination of effective exercise and improved nutrition means that the number of people who are expected to live over the age of 65 is expected to rise to around the 20% mark by 2050. Due to these statistics, exercise and nutrition have become arguably more important than ever.

Fatigue is a problem that is most commonplace in older people. It often tends to affect you most after the lunch period, so around 2 pm onwards. With a few simple steps such as drinking a glass of water around this time as well as a high-antioxidant food can revitalize your body and also help to motivate your mind. We suggest foods such as prunes, raisins, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries to help revitalize your body as they are rich in the required antioxidants you require. Prunes have been deemed the most effective antioxidant, packing 4,873 into a single one.

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Exercising from the neck up is another way to keep the brain active and fit. Keeping your brain active at an older age staves off potential illnesses such as Alzheimer's and dementia but can also keep your brain very active. Memory based games are a highly effective way of doing this. The most effective way is testing one's memory. This can be done by walking around your nearest neighborhood or town, selecting five objects and trying to recall them when you are home. It's simple enough but it's also a great way of keeping your mind active.

Another thing which tends to become somewhat of an issue in later age is your balance. In addition to exercises that improve your strength and flexibility. It is important to add balance routines to your daily routine. The key to maintaining good balance is working on maintaining your center of gravity over the base of support. We would recommend activities such as Tai Chi, yoga, walking on uneven surfaces and water exercises to enhance your balance. Obviously, do not do something to challenge as we really do not want you falling over. Regular exercises help to build your strength and stamina, it also prevents the loss of bone mass and improves balance so will vastly reduce the chance of you falling over.

Here, we shall provide you will a simple yet effective home exercise plan that does not involve you traveling to a gym. It can all be done from the comfort of your own home. All exercises must start with a warm up, it's crucial to any exercise routine but is even more prominent as you grow older. The most simple form of warming up is to simply walk around your house for ten minutes. If exercise equipment is owned you could use a treadmill or stationary exercise bike for ten minutes. Try adding some variations to the steps you take on your warm up. Simple measures such as widening the space between your legs, alternate pointing your toes or alternating your heels and toes as they touch the floor. All of these can loosen your joints and prepare you for any upcoming exercises.

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Activities that can revolve around, and include, your daily chores can be great calorie burners. Simple activities such as hoovering, mowing the lawn, cleaning and wiping down surfaces are enough to be considered as exercise. You could also add some simple fitness drills whilst performing everyday tasks that do not require much exercise. Simple things like toe extensions whilst making a cup of tea will help strengthen the joints over the course of the day.

If you have not been active for some time, you will need to develop your bones and muscles up again slowly to avoid damaging them. An example of this would be if you chose to go swimming as a form of exercise. It would be wise to focus on easier floating routines before you move onwards towards simple swimming techniques such as freestyle strokes. Running is also a similar method. You should start with smaller and manageable distances to build up your fitness rather than attempting long periods at the start. Train over small periods until it becomes effortless to do then progress short distances. Rinse and repeat this until you are comfortable doing greater distances.

Cooling down from any exercise is also a crucial practice. Walking or jogging at a reduced pace is a great way to reducing your heart rate to a more relaxed level. Another option is to reduce the pace in whatever form of exercise you are taking part in. The average cool down period usually lasts around the 10-minute mark, but 15 minutes is advisable.

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Drill based programs are also very effective in covering the main muscle groups such as chest, abdomen, back, shoulders, arms, legs and hips. It is recommended that you place more focus on your shoulder and arm muscles. But you should also introduce more exercises that are focused on your upper body development such as weight lifting, push-ups, and resistant band exercises. Leg exercises can also be very beneficial and it is advised that you could exercise using techniques such as the treadmill, elliptical machines, the stair climber, walking jogging or running.

An active fitness routine can help rejuvenate you and allow you to live your life to the maximum. Regular exercise will leave you feeling more energized and could mean you have to pay fewer visits to the doctors. Your health will steadily improve and a healthier and happy life will not be far away. All it takes is determination and willpower.

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