How To Beat The Winter Blues...

How To Beat The Winter Blues...

It’s that time of year was dark when you went to bed, and it’s dark when your alarm clock goes off and it’s time to get up!

It’s not easy jumping out of bed and heading to the gym or bracing the chill for your usual early morning run.

Conclusion: cardio is definitely harder in the winter.

According to new research published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, there could be a reason why working out feels harder during the darker winter months - your body has less vitamin D.

Our body's main source of vitamin D is the sun, and obviously in the darkness of winter our exposure diminishes, so the end result could affect athletic performance and interrupt your fitness regime.

If you’re looking to boost your vitamin D levels you could increase your intake of fatty fish such as mackerel or salmon, as well as cheese and egg yolks. Or head for the sunshine!

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