How To Beat Insomnia...

How To Beat Insomnia...

“Nearly a third of the population are suffering from insomnia which is affecting their health, reported the Daily Mirror.

It said a survey of the nation’s sleep habits found that 30% are severely sleep deprived, putting them more at risk of mental health and relationship issues.

Keeping active is a great way to help you fall asleep at night if you’re often struggling to get a good quality night’s rest. Walking is one of the best ways to make yourself feel more sleepy, according to The London Sleep Centre’s  medical director, Dr Irshaad Ebrahim. Even a gentle walk could help to get rid of stress and boost melatonin and make you feel sleepy.

However, the recommendation is that you don’t exercise too close to your preferred bedtime as it can have the opposite effect and don’t do any vigourous exercise.

People that struggle to sleep should also avoid drinking alcohol or having caffeine in the evening, also avoid spicy or acidic foods.

Find something that helps you to wind down after a busy day and this can help to put the body and mind in the best position for sleep.

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