Gym gloves

Gym gloves

Do you wear weight lifting gloves while training? 

Wearing weight lifting gloves is a personal choice, based on your workout style and exercise preferences. Some gym goers swear by them and wouldn’t even think of lifting weights without protecting their hands, others don’t see the benefit. Our Elite Body Squad weight lifting gloves have always been a popular choice for both men and women, and here are 5 good reasons why: 

  • Better grip – this has to be one of the main benefits for wearing them, especially when your hands get sweaty and you’re holding heavy dumbbells or barbells, perfect for avoiding slipping. The Elite Body Squad glove has added padding to primary grip points and easy breathe stretchable mesh Lycra on the back of the hand, designed to remove sweat away from the skin ensuring the hands stay cool and dry.
  • More comfortable – it’s going to be much more comfortable than going bare handed and the gloves also protect your hand from the rough grip of the weight. Especially as the gym is still chilly as we head off to our early morning session, and the iron get can pretty cold during the winter months. Look out for gloves with extra padding and specially designed grip area on the palm.

  • Wrist support – not all brands of gloves provide this, but we stock weight lifting gloves which offer the additional benefit of extra wrist support, reducing wrist pain. They have wrap around wrist straps which provide more power by stabilizing the wrists during heavy lifting. Some people feel that this helps to prevent wrist injuries during training. As well as support, they promise durability and flexibility.
  • Calluses – you know your weight lifting has got serious when you start to think about callused hands and they’re a very popular choice for men and women who take part in competitive weight lifting. To be honest, you can still get calluses or blisters even if you wear gloves, but worn correctly – and by holding the bar or weight correctly – the gloves can definitely help provide a barrier if you’re looking to avoid getting sore lumpy hands!
  • Great value - And the last reason is that they’re great value for money! Look out for our special offers too or use of exclusive discount code to get 40% off…but be quick, it’s available for a limited time only!


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