Find your workout motivation

Find your workout motivation
Workout motivation can be hard to find some days. Trying to lose weight, build muscle or just generally get fit? We all have a health and fitness goals but keeping focused is always hard. An extra half hour sleep on a Friday does sound a lot more fun than a run. So to battle the laziness, here are few tips to keep you motivated. workout buddy

1. Find a workout buddy

Finding a friend who has similar goals makes heading to the gym or out to exercise a lot more social; working out and gossiping all rolled into one! Heading for a burger can easily be switched for a salad bar when your friend has the same health and fitness goal. Also who wouldn't feel bad ditching a friend even if it is for a 7am spinning class?   workout goals

2. Set clear goals

Make a plan. Decide when and where you are going to workout and write it in your diary like any other important plans. This way it is already planned into your days and it is a lot harder to cancel. You may even find yourself more productive at work after a morning in the gym!   workout motivation

3. Make a good playlist

Put together a list of songs that get you energised and make you want to jump around. A great song can help you power through the last few reps even if you feel like giving up or even make you lose track of time completely.   fitness motivation

4. Track your progress

Take photos and keep notes that way you'll be able to see how far you've come. You can even share it on social media - getting others support will drive you to spend an extra 15 minutes in the gym. Have a look at our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for motivational quotes to keep you going and send us your fitness transformations!   find your workout motivation

5. Buy new kit

Getting a fresh bag, towel, or something; you'll want to show it off and try it out. Before you know it you'll be running to the gym! Check out what we have to offer here. Whether you are just looking for a gym bag or want some equipment for your house we have some great quality stuff that will get you excited to work out.

Got that workout motivation?

Great! Then it's time to get started. Remember, you can boost your workouts with new fitness gear! Check out our bodybuilding equipment here.

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