Festive temptations: training and diet management at Christmas

Festive temptations: training and diet management at Christmas
There's not long to go now until the Christmas tunes start ringing out across the airwaves and with all the great food that comes with the festivities, it can be hard to manage training and dieting with so much temptation all around. We asked some of our ambassadors how they manage the occasional feast and blow-out - as well as their favourite cheat meals! Here's what they had to say:

Craig Wright

Well, the main thing I would say about a blow-out is don't take it too hard on yourself. A bit of a cheat day (weekend?) now and again can keep you on the right path long term, and reward yourself for the hard work you've put in over time. You won't get ripped by eating salad for one weekend, so will you get fat by having a blow-out once in a blue moon? Also, don't use the festive period as an excuse to not train. Yes, it's a busy time, but even if you can make the time for 20 minutes body weight exercise in the house, it's enough to keep things ticking over.

Jess Lee

Generally everything in moderation. A cheat meal once a week is good but if you crave some chocolate have a cube, not saying a whole bar but maybe just a bite. Every year my family goes to Centre Parcs and no one wants to look like a chubby bunny so usual training is important. Especially when it's cold, it's good to get a sweat on to keep you warm.

Sophie Major

Far too hard to avoid the food and wine at Christmas, isn't it! I think the main thing to remember is moderation. If you go completely clean it's extremely hard to maintain your diet and you are more likely to fail in reaching your goals. Have a cheat meal once or twice a week (depending on your goal and current physique). Try to keep alcohol to a minimum, as it really will detrimentally impact on any physical change. Maybe once or twice a month have a glass or two of wine etc. It's key to not let a night out or cheat meal to become a cheat week as it's a slippery slope! Stay focused and force yourself back on track after a blow-out.

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