Feel Like Working Out In The Winter?

Feel Like Working Out In The Winter?

Is this cold winter weather making you feel lethargic? Still motivated to go outside? Well hang on, before you turn on the tv or curl up in front of the fire, there are some benefits to working out in this weather.

The average winter weight gain ranges from 5 to 10 pounds, so a little bit of snow shouldn’t put you off exercising outdoors or getting to the gym. Think of the sunlight too, which can help to improve even the grumpiest of moods and boost your vitamin D intake. The winter chill might even make you feel more awake and invigorated.


There’s also research to suggest that winter exercise boosts your immunity. Even a few minutes fast walking a day, can help keep simple bacterial and viral infections at bay. And if it’s that cold that you’re shivering, which is what we do to produce heat, this also burns off a significant amount of calories. In fact, you use up five times more energy when you’re shivering compared to when you are resting.

You can often exercise for longer during the cold as your body regulates temperature a little better. But before you step outside, remember:

1) Check weather conditions and the wind chill.
2) Dress in layers, protecting your head, hands, feet and ears.
3) Drink plenty of fluids as hydration is just as important during the cold weather as it is in the heat.
4) it’s still a little darker than we would like it to be, so wear reflective clothing is exercising outside.
5) Know your surroundings.

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