Fat Busting Myths...

Fat Busting Myths...

It is calories not carbs that really matter when it comes to fat loss.

Staying in a calorie deficit is what is going to make you lose weight, and provide greater results.

Fruits can easily add up to and put you above your total calorie intake - so be mindful.

Behaviour change is at the root of taking steps to improve your health.

It’s important to recognise that not all fat is created equal - fat intake from natural sources such as fish, nuts and some types of meat can actually improve your fat-loss mechanisms.

The body does not “spot reduce” fat stores. In other words, it doesn’t use the fat stores that are closest to the muscle for fuel - so a heavy abdominal programme is NOT simply going to help you lose fat from around your belly and give you a six pack... Unfair but true!

“Six-pack abs” are largely the result of the foods you eat, not the work you do at the gym.

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