Ever Heard Of Veganuary...

Ever Heard Of Veganuary...

Has your hangover kicked in?

New year resolutions made?

More and more people are committing to making a lifestyle change this year, with record numbers signing up to “Veganuary” and will try living on a plant-based diet, at least for a few weeks.

Rich Hardy, head of campaigns at Veganuary, said that on January 1st around 14,000 people pledged to go vegan for the first month of 2019 – a rate of one every six seconds.

He said, “In 2018 there hasn’t been a week that hasn’t gone by without veganism hitting the headlines. Vegan products are getting a lot better and it is becoming a lot more convenient to have a tasty plant-based diet.”

In May, scientists behind the most comprehensive analysis to date of the damage farming does to the planet declared that avoiding meat and dairy products was the single biggest thing an individual could do for the environment.

Like all new year’s resolutions, sticking to the commission can be tricky, but Hardy and those who try and not to worry unduly. “If you fall off the wagon, you fall off the wagon,” he said. “Just pick yourself up, remind yourself why you signed up to the pledge in the first place and start afresh. It is meant to be fun and enjoyable.”

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