Don’t neglect your hip adductors!

Don’t neglect your hip adductors!
Glutes are all the rage, but it’s easy to forget hip adductor training to build a capable, strong lower body.

Your adductors may not be as powerful as the abductors, but they are just as essential and shouldn’t be neglected in training.

Groin injuries are very common in the gym, and a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine stated that hip adductor training was one of the most common risk factors for groin injury in support.

Try incorporating some adductor isolation exercises into your workout, alongside compound exercises, and this will make your training more effective and comprehensive.

A typical, lower body workout should consist of exercises that move multiple muscle groups together. To emphasise your adductors, add front and back lunges, lateral lunges, step ups, lateral hip swings and sumo squats to your training. Practice this for 20 to 30 seconds each rep, rest for one minute and repeat the circuit one or two more times.

Not only will this improve your muscular endurance and hip adductor function, you will burn more calories in less time too.

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