Diet Planning & Training Advice from Brandon Daord

Diet Planning & Training Advice from Brandon Daord
Our new guest ambassador, pro boxer Brandon Daord from Liverpool has been sharing some of his diet and training tips with us. Want to punch it with the best? Then you better listen up.

Preparing for the fight

When I am dieting for a fight, I always wake up to my greens which includes spinach, green tea, broccoli plus all in one supplements. Then for the rest of the day I have creatine powder in every water bottle. At night, I'll have one MOA (superfood drink) before bed which puts everything back into your body while you’re sleeping – it helps you get to sleep too. brandon daordIf you’re wanting to burn fat for your abs, you’re best doing long slow runs – it’s a real fat burner - so the more slow runs you do, the more fat you’ll burn. I do a lot of these towards fights because it literally eliminates my fat. It doesn't matter how hard you train, you’ve got to lose fat to show your progress. If you’re a muscle builder who wants to build your muscles a lot harder, and make them a lot bigger, every rep on curls should be very slow. Quality not quantity. Bring your arms to your chest and fully extend your back and front arm muscles, until it feels like a gamble to push any more. Every rep should be a hint of pain on the upper arms. Follow Brandon's progress on Instagram here. 

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