Could You Train Like A Boxer...

Could You Train Like A Boxer...

Elite Body Squad Ambassador Brandon Daord hopes to make professional boxing his long-term career, but there are other reasons why boxing is the workout of choice for so many.

Not only is fighting a strength and cardio workout in one, it's the best way to get in tune with your inner badass!

These five punching perks will convince you to put on a pair of gloves:

🥊 You’ll tone every muscle - boxing improves overall fitness and will boost your strength and cardio. It’s a two-for-one workout where you will use your upperbody as well as your hips and legs.

🥊 Burn calories, fast - boxing improves you’re resting heart rate and muscular insurance so you have a full cardiovascular work out. With a potential burn rate of my 13 calories a minute, boxing can blast 300 calories in only 30 minutes sparring.

🥊 Improve your coordination - hand-eye coordination is hugely important for boxing. Punching a bag or sparring challenges your muscles and your mind as you take control of focused movements and recall.

🥊 Stress relief - boxing helps you calm down and it’s unlike any other workout when it comes to stress relief. It helps release tension, gives you a rush of endorphins and helps build confidence and discipline.

🥊 New to learn - boxing will keep you on your toes and unlike other workouts, there’s always something new to learn…or someone new to spar!

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