Could Spotify be making a fitness watch?

Could Spotify be making a fitness watch?
Music streaming service Spotify already has a very large presence with anybody who lives an active lifestyle. It's on the move presentation and streaming service is the perfect accomplice to any workout regime and is enjoyed by millions of users worldwide.  Spotify is looking to expand into the fitness and smartwatch brand. A job posting was noticed by tech blogger Dave Zatz. The "Senior Product Manager" would work on a "category-defining product" akin to the Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo and Snap Spectacles, a cached version of the posting reads.

Spotify & sports:

Spotify has already been dipping its toes into the world of technology. The idea of making a tech incorporated smart watch is a great idea for them and would guarantee a strong profit turnover. Spotify does already live on quite a few smartwatches already. The Samsung Gear 3 does already have an app installed which means it is able to stream music via a Spotify app and it was initially intended to be able to store Spotify offline playlists. An updated app for Google's Android Wear platform was also supposed to offer more independent music streaming and downloading options. The Android Wear Spotify App is basic and acts as a remote for the Spotify app. All these show that Spotify is open to the idea of expanding into the world of smartwatches. Before Pebble was sold off to Fitbit, the smartwatch producers were looking to create a standalone GPS-enabled device known as the Pebble Core. The devices selling feature would have been the use of Spotify. You would have been able to stream music and play locally stored offline tracks during workouts.

Spotify is exploring music and fitness:

The Lifebeam Vi headphones connect with Spotify and allow you to link playlists and allow for a quick playback during workouts. According to the CEO of Lifebeam, Omri Yoffe, the longer-term goal is for Spotify's tracks to match up with your running pace to match your workout's intensity. It may be a good idea for Spotify to expand into mixing your fitness regime with music and matching your pace to the beats. A Spotify smartwatch that acts like a fitbit would be a great form of investment for the music streaming giants. We'd certainly purchase!

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