Could Fasting Give You The Body Of Your Dreams...

Could Fasting Give You The Body Of Your Dreams...

Bodybuilders, or even those who put a healthy lifestyle at the top of their priority list, strive to eat a well balanced diet and to never skip meals.

Yet fasting has been a controversial subject amongst the bodybuilding community for years.

There are those who believe that fasting can be very beneficial for the human body and acts as a proper detox. We give you our top five pros and cons:

✅ Pros
Detox the body from harmful substances.

Allows the body to rest and the stomach to heal.

Can give you huge gains when you continue eating normally again.

Stops you thinking about dieting and prepping and may help clear the mind.

Lowers your blood pressure and heart rate.

❌ Cons
Low energy.

Muscle loss and lower strength.

Higher chance of injury.

Deficient vitamin and mineral intake.

Lowered metabolism.

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