Connor Laing on Christmas indulgence

Connor Laing on Christmas indulgence
Christmas is just around the corner - in fact, at the time of writing, the big day is only 6 weeks away! But as the festivities begin and the snow (hopefully) starts to fall, so does the desire to tuck into those winter warmer lunches, tasty chocolates and that third helping of Christmas dinner! So when you're on a strict fitness regime, including a closely monitored diet plan, how do you maintain all your hard work whilst still enjoying your time with family and friends? We asked our brand ambassador, Connor Laing, how he manages his fitness during the Christmas period. Here's what he does:

In his own words

For Christmas, it's a time of year I let my hair down and enjoy the food this time of year brings. I don't go crazy but I won't stop myself indulging! Eat what you like, just eat in moderation. I typically add a few more hours cardio to my workouts throughout I typically add a few more hours cardio to my workouts throughout the couple of weeks running up to Christmas to make sure I'm burning a few extra calories. But I have found the last couple of years my body has thanked me for the "looser" diet plans for that short period of time! Come the 2nd / 3rd of January I will be back on it and by the end of January, you can't tell I have even had a bit of a binge over Christmas!

Bonus: Weekend Cheat Meals!

I love a 20 box of chicken nuggets from Maccies! Ah God, it's like dreams in a box! I find having a cheat meal every now and again spikes my metabolism amazingly. So if I have a cheat meal of any kind I always do an hour cardio within 24 hours after and it actually helps me get leaner! It only works if you have a cheat once a week maximum though! Follow Connor on Instagram here.

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