Can you be a vegan and totally ripped?

Can you be a vegan and totally ripped?

The word is changing, and the vegan v meat debate is rarely out of the media spotlight. Nutrition is important for every bodybuilder and what you put in your mouth has an impact on your muscle, strength and mind. Yet plant-based fitness is becoming increasingly popular every day. 

Eating vegan has become much easier in recent years, with the increase in awareness and more supermarkets stocking natural and organic whole foods and meat-free alternatives. But does following a vegan lifestyle mean you will struggle to achieve an impressive physique? No it does not, but it does require some careful planning to ensure you get all the right nutrients and protein. 

If you’re thinking of adopting a vegan diet, there are ways to follow a sensible eating plan without compromising your fitness goals. But remember the following 10 guidelines: 

  • Eat enough calories
  • Carbohydrates are crucial to muscle growth
  • Keep your protein levels high
  • Keep omega 3 levels high with flax seed powder
  • Eat nuts for fuel
  • Choose healthy drinks
  • Check out nutritional supplements if required
  • Monitor your body fat and body weight
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and don’t neglect pulses and quinoa
  • Keep your workouts short but intense

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